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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

In today's episode,

I have a beautiful chat with Yoga Goddess, Zahra Haji!

Zahra Haji shows you how to care for your fertility in synchronicity with the moon. The menstrual cycle is your access point for this connection. Learning to listen and respond to your changing moods and energies during your menstrual month will naturally harmonize hormones, enhance fertility and reconnect you with the Divine Feminine.
Zahra Haji is the Yoga Goddess. Her #1 online fertility yoga program, Moon Goddess, has helped hundreds of women conceive in over 25 countries. Through Kundalini yoga and a conscious connection to the moon, Moon Goddess improves a woman’s chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy by over 50%. 

In this episode We Talk About:

- I chat about where I am and how I feel during my pregnancy

- Zahra's story on how she got involved with working with women who are dealing with fertility issues.
- Menstrual cycle
- Phases of the moon 
- Connect women with our rhythm of the manifestation of nature
- Energy of ovulation, Physiology of ovulation
- Biodynamic farming
- Menstruating with dark/new moon - ovulating with full moon
- Our society is now having a reverse cycle, red moon cycle
- More babies are born during the full moon
- What does feminine energy mean?
- Moon charting practice
- Temperature charting
- The approach of being in the feminine energy is to go with what feels right to you, nourishing for you
- Kundalini yoga benefits for fertility
- Adi Shakti
- Fertility Yoga poses and breathing
- Meditation
- What Zahra recommends to do on your own time... love her answer

To learn more about Zahra and her work, visit
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