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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

In today's episode,

We dive deep into toxins, from chemicals in our makeup, to food on our plate, and house cleaning products which can all really affect our fertility.

I chat about all of this with Sophia Ruan Gushée. A sought-after nontoxic lifestyle expert or “healthy home guru." Author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed book A to Z of D-Toxing:  The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures, Sophia is also founder of Ruan Living, a multimedia company. Ruan Living produces podcasts and workshops to empower people with overlooked information and practical tweaks that can help people optimize their health and joy. 

Sophia’s work has appeared across a variety of outlets—including the Dr. Oz Show, Mind Body Green, Well + Good, and Modern Luxury. She is an in-demand speaker, podcaster, mentor, and social entrepreneur. 

Sophia is a graduate of Brown University and Columbia Business School. She is also a certified yoga teacher. 

Sophia also serves as a member of the Well + Good Council and the Advisory Council for the Brown University School of Public Health.

Sophia and her husband live in NYC with their three children and dog, Lola.

Today's episode includes:

- Sophia's fertility journey
- Male infertility and Varicocele
- Her fertility experience led her to learn about toxin chemicals in baby products which is what catapulted her into this industry of a toxic-free lifestyle
- 8 years later - her book A-Z of Detoxing 
- Start detoxing before you are interested in getting pregnant
- Where do we start with detoxing? 
- Since WW2 there have been 84,000 chemicals introduced into American commerce and only about 200 have been tested for safety and less than 1% have been regulated by the FDA
- What products/chemicals are these?
- Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, even in Manhatten! But why?
- Simple steps to do in your home
- What are hormone-disrupting chemicals
- What to get rid of and what to hold onto to not go too crazy, but to adopt a new lifestyle.
- Which products to focus on?
- What are toxic chemicals?
- 1000 if not more Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the world
- Environmental Working Group -
- What are Heavy Metals?
- Sophia's "Detox Deep Dive"
- What are Sophia's favorite products
- RMS Beauty

To connect with Sophia and her work: text 66866 enter code: detox you will be signed up for her newsletter and all the info about her programs and books.



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