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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

In today's episode, we talk about so many juicy topics. From working out, hormones, and nutrition to taking control of your fertility journey which turns into two natural pregnancies!!!

I am so excited to introduce you to Goddess Momma, Kela Smith.

Kela has an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator, and author.  To date, she has published two books: The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook and The Hormone Puzzle Method for solving infertility, as well as an online course with the same name.  Kela also holds four distinct qualifications as a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. She realized her dream of creating a virtual holistic health and wellness practice and helps women all over the world solve these issues. As the creator of the Hormone Puzzle Method, Kela helps her clients learn how to cycle sync so they have pleasant periods, boosted fertility, happy hormones, hotter sex lives and greater creativity, productivity, and wellbeing at work.

After years of “unexplained” infertility and deciding I didn’t want to go the medical route, I decided to take my fertility and health into my own hands through foods that were found right in my kitchen.  I started intentionally eating for fertility so I could boost my hormones naturally.  I got very specific with my exercise and lifestyle habits so that I could put my body into the optimal state for conception and reverse my diagnosis and get pregnant naturally.  After about 6 months of trying this to my surprise I got pregnant. Once I learned how to do this I not only did it once but twice and now have two beautiful baby boys ages 6 and 4.  I knew I didn’t want any women to struggle the way I did so I decided to create a method.  A method with all the steps I used to get myself pregnant naturally not once but twice.  I named this method the hormone P-U-Z-Z-L-E because I feel like that is literally what you are doing is putting together a puzzle and if one piece is out of place then the picture isn’t clear.  Puzzle is an acronym and stands for

Proper nutrition, understanding supplements, Zapping stress, Zzzz’s, Love and Encouragement and Exercise.  This is the method I use with all of my clients and it works.  I team with this method with my cycle syncing protocol to help women balance their hormones, fight infertility, increase their libeto, perform better at work and flo through their lives effortlessly and with ease. 


We chat about:

- Unexplained Infertility
- Thinking that we are eating healthy and working out right
- What foods boost your fertility
- Conceived naturally twice
- Hormones and fertility
- Cycle Syncing
- Working out with your menstrual cycle
- Pre and Probiotic and Fermented foods
- Coffee talk
- Fertility Programs

Connect with Kela:

She offers online programs and 1-1 coaching programs to fit any need or budget. Book a free call. and 


For a deeper connection to your body during your fertility journey, I am offering one-on-one online yoga sessions. These classes are more than just yoga. They are filled with personalized meditations, conscious breathing exercises, and coaching for YOU. If interested, I am offering free consultations. Contact me here to set up a 30 min call. 


See you on the mat Goddess Momma...

Click here to download my favorite fertility yoga poses!