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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

In today's episode, I connect with another fabulous gal from our fertility community, infertility warrior Blair Nelson.

Blair Nelson is an infertility warrior who began her journey in 2018 after she and her husband found out they were facing a challenging genetic factor when they began trying to start their family. It was at that point they were told IVF was their only option. After their second transfer from their first round of IVF treatment, Blair suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage that redefined her life. Ever since then, she has made it her mission to bring facts, tips, inspiration and most importantly a voice to the topic of infertility. She found her refuge in her difficult time amongst women who have been there and she wants to return the favor. Her Instagram account, Fab Fertility, has grown into a brand, podcast and blog. She recently co-founded Fertility Rally which will be an annual event hosted to celebrate and educate this amazing community. In addition to continuing to try to start her family (4 rounds of IVF, 10 procedures, 100's of shots and counting), Blair is working to develop courses and templates to supplement her other ventures to help women navigate their journey. 
We chat about:
- Her husband's genetic diagnosis which can cause infertility
- Blair's journey through IVF and a miscarriage
- Her significant drop in AMH level
- How she dealt with her miscarriage and IVF cycles
- Fab Fertility Brand
- Fertility Rally 
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See you on the mat Goddess Momma...

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