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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

Today's episode, A Naturopathic Approach to Your Fertility!
A technical glitch, this episode was supposed to air earlier, hence the episode number. 
Dr. Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor & Nutritionist, in practice for 13 years. She specializes in women's health, is the best-selling author of "Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Baby-Making," and is a sought out speaker on topics related to Women’s Health and Women’s Empowerment. Dr. Aumatma was awarded the “Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner″ award locally in 2015 and has been interviewed on TV, podcasts, and summits worldwide. She is the host of her own podcast: Egg Meets Sperm and has a training program for practitioners who want to specialize in fertility, in addition to offering couples, all around the world, support through her private 1 on 1 appointments and online group programs.
In today's episode, we chat about -
Dr. Aumatma's story to natural childbirth
- The Myth of your AMH level, Eggs. 
- What is a "Holistic" Approach to Fertility Treatment
- Gynecologic Visceral Manipulation
Your uterus, in the optimal position
- Body Talk - Intuition with structure
- Homeopathy
- We all have similar themes in our BODY
- Hormones, Food, Inflammation, Imbalance
- Ovulating 
- Vitamins
- IVF Stats
- What Dr. Aumatma believes we all should be doing on our journey to mommahood
How to connect:
Connect with Dr. Aumatma for an in-depth fertility consultation 45-60min! I highly recommend this!!! Link on website. 

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