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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

May 8, 2020

Today's Episode will take you on an emotional roller coast.
Kayla Kohl lives and works in Omaha, NE as a doula for The Omaha Baby Nest. She is passionate about supporting others with their fertility journey and breaking the stigma around infertility and loss. She is currently ten weeks pregnant with her adopted embryo baby and due in November. 
Diagnosed with Endometriosis at 13, Kayla had a feeling it might be tough getting pregnant. With no luck at what we believe to be such a young age, she and her amazing husband decided on adoption. What happens with that story is a tear-jerker. Deciding to go another route, she was informed about Embryo Adoption. Through her googling,  Kayla landed on Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast Episode #20. From there, Kayla shares the rest of her journey to becoming pregnant. Another tear-jerker in this part too!

Enjoy the show with a box of tissues!

People can find Kayla on Instagram at @thekohlchronicles or my blog  

Omaha Baby Nest


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See you on the mat Goddess Momma...

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