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Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

I met Emily in 2013 and have been spiritually connected with her ever since. Following Emily's life journey has been a gift. The deep work she has done on herself is why I invited her on the show. I wanted y'all to hear from such a powerful beautiful source that such transformation is 100% possible with the right information and guidance. Not only does Emily share her journey to mommahood, but she shares her wisdom on healing your body through food, the importance of creativity, and the sacred land of her home in Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica.

Emily Pereira is an international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, Gateless trained writing teacher, and relationship whisperer, specializing in helping women manifest their dream relationship. She's also the author of the forthcoming memoir, The Quest (out Nov 6th).

She lives in the Santa Teresa, a seaside village along Costa Rica's Pacific coast with her beloved Frenchman, Mané (Pro-nounced, "MAN-A") and her 2.5 year old Saïa (Sigh-yah) Moon where they are building a retreat and wellness center in harmony with nature, for seekers on the precipice of spectacular transformation.

She's thrilled to be welcoming a baby boy in May! 

In this episode,

- Summit Series 
- Why Emily froze her eggs
- How Emily cured her Candida
- Healing through food 
- Leading her signature Mermaid Sisterhood Retreats
- Journey to life in Costa Rica
- 80% fruit diet
- Gateless Writing Method
- The power of tapping into your creativity
- Eliminating Toxins
- Dr. Robert Morse
- The power of intention
- Emily's new book, "The Quest"

Connect with Emily:


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See you on the mat Goddess Momma...

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